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Flash sites

Flash sites

Flash is one of the most widespread and effective computer animation technologies. It is widely used for animation of the website elements, creating animated advertising or informational banners on the web pages, creating partly and fully animated website, animated ‘intros’ for the website and animated presentations that can be used at the big screens during exhibitions or business presentations.

The biggest advantage of the Flash website is in their essence – the animation. Animation is not static. It looks live and that attracts the attention and often amuses the visitors. Being used properly the animation can not just only amuse and attract – it will attract the visitor to the parts of the website that you can choose yourself. In this case, being attracted to the proper aims the visitor becomes a potential and then a real customer of yours.

Our flash-animators’ crew provides all of the possible (and impossible) services in the Flash animated website development. We develop exclusive Flash banners, Flash website, Flash animated (animated website built blending the best of HTML and Flash technologies) website and Flash presentations or Flash intros for the websites. We must note that upon purchasing a Flash animated website the customer gets the HTML only version of the same website free of charge.

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